The Top 10 Most Expensive January Signings: Were They Worth The Money?

Hello friends and happy new year, in case you aren’t sick of hearing that phrase yet. I’m hoping that 2017 will be a big year here at One Game at a Time, our first month was pretty decent but I think we can become even bigger. This month I’ll be toning down the Football Manager and talking more about transfers, it is January after all. Before we continue a follow on twitter @cameroneyles and a follow here at One Game at a Time would be lovely. Anyway on with the transfers, which by the way is Premier League transfers only.

10. Nemanja Matic – Benfica to Chelsea (£21 million)

I think its pretty safe to say that this transfer was great for all involved. Matic was arguably the best holding midfielder in the world during the 2014/15 season and has looked great this season as well, adding assists to his game. Matic’s second spell at the blues has been much better than his first.

Worth the money? Yes

9. David Luiz – Benfica to Chelsea (£21.5 million)

David Luiz has always been a very unpredictable player and that was very true during his first spell at Stamford Bridge. The Brazilian has been much more solid during his more recent stint at Chelsea. Despite his flaws the fact is Chelsea made an almost £30 million profit when they sold Luiz to PSG so he was worth the money.

Worth the money? Yes

8. Luis Suarez – Ajax to Liverpool (£22.5 million)

Not really much to be said about this deal other than obviously yes. Suarez was magnificent for Liverpool and repaid every penny. He also scored over 30 goals in a season for Liverpool, a great feat.

Worth the money? Yes

7. Darren Bent – Sunderland to Aston Villa (£24 million)

Its hard to imagine Bent commanding an eight figure transfer fee these days but he was a hot commodity after he scored 36 goals in 63 games for Sunderland. Villa swooped in January 2011 but certainly overpaid for the Englishman. 25 goals in 72 games is not bad but for £24 million you expect a lot more from a striker.

Worth the money? No

6. Juan Cuadrado – Fiorentina to Chelsea (£26 million)

As you can see Chelsea like to spend big in January but they clearly overpaid for Columbian winger. He never really got a proper look in at the Blues and is currently on a never ending loan deal to Juventus, where he is doing much better.

Worth the money? No

5. Wilfried Bony – Swansea to Manchester City (£27 million)

Bony was always brought in to be a back up to Aguero but even so the Ivorian has been a big disappointment only netting 10 goals in 46 games for the club, not exactly the form of a nearly £30 million striker.

Worth the money? No

4. Edin Dzeko – Wolfsburg to Manchester City (£31.5 million)

Dezeko had a pretty good scoring record at City 72 goals in 189 gams but more importantly he scored big goals for the club such as in that famous game against QPR that would bring City the title.

Worth the money? Yes

3. Andy Carroll – Newcastle to Liverpool (£35 million)

You can’t help but laugh at this one. Newcastle may as well have just stolen £35 million from Liverpool because the reds really got nothing on their investment. Carroll was a complete failure and was sold to West Ham at a big loss.

Worth the money? No

2. Juan Mata – Chelsea to Manchester United (£38 million)

Mata has always been one of my favourite Premier League players and I think he’s finally grown into his role at Manchester United as whenever he has played this season I have been impressed. United probably overpaid slightly but I will give Mata the benefit of the doubt as I reckon he will only get better.

Worth the money? Yes

1. Fernando Torres – Liverpool to Chelsea (£50 million)

Torres was awesome for Liverpool but was nowhere close to his best a Chelsea. He scored some big goals for them on their way to winning the 2012 Champions League but a record of 45 goals in 172 games really is not good enough.

Worth the money? No

Right that’s my thoughts on the biggest January transfers of all time. If you feel any differently please feel free to comment below and remember to click the links in the introduction.





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