Top 10 FA Cup Clichés

It’s FA Cup 3rd round weekend and that can only mean one thing: all your favourite FA Cup clichés are back with a vengeance. Yes they can become tiresome but by this point clichés are part of the furniture so lets embrace them. Here are my top 10 FA Cup clichés.

10. Plucky Underdogs

Notice how all lower league sides are referred to as ‘plucky.’ I mean sure Plymouth will probably be smashed by Liverpool but they gave it their best shot which I guess makes them plucky.

9. Money Spinning Replay

This cliché is always pulled out when a lower league team manages to gold out against a top team at home and gets that elusive away replay which pretty much ensures a 100% increase in profits that year.

8. Anything Can Happen

This cliché is one of the oldest in the book and can actually be applied to life as a whole. Its a classic BBC slogan and a timeless cliché.

7. Giant Killing

Pretty much the main attraction of any FA Cup 3rd round weekend is if any lower league teams can defeat some of their Premier League counterparts. The Chelsea v Bradford game from a couple of years ago springs to mind.

6. No Easy Games

There’s no easy games in the FA Cup is usually one deployed by commentators at matches when everyone knows the big team is going to win but is deployed just to cast some doubt in your mind and keep you tuned in.

5. The Hallowed Turf Of Wembley

I have no idea why Wembley’s turf is hallowed or even what hallowed really means but it does make Wembley sound like a mythical and mysterious place as opposed to a massive football stadium.

4. The Form Book Goes Out The Window

To be honest it usually does not, if you have got a bad team it doesn’t matter what competition you are playing in.

3. Potential Banana Skin

Another variation of the big team could lose to the smaller team and one I am a big fan of. Plus it just sounds odd.

2. Focus On The League

The classic excuse trotted out by managers when they put out their U21’s side and are well beaten by a team in a lower division.

1. The Magic Of The Cup

This is clearly the best cliché of the bunch. No questions asked you just cannot beat the magic of the cup.

Right that’s all for now and if you have another cliché that should be on this list that I missed out please comment below. Here’s a couple of links to keep you busy:


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