Should Footballers Ever Refuse to Play?

As the January Transfer window rolls on perhaps the two biggest stories of the past week were Dimitri Payet and Diego Costa refusing to play for West Ham and Chelsea respectively. This certainly isn’t the first instance of this happening in football and I’m sure it won’t be the last. So let’s have a look at each individual case and see if either player is really justified. 

Diego Costa allegedly has a big training ground bust up with manager Antonio Conte after having his head turned by a staggering £30 million a year offer from our friends over in the Chinese Super a League. He was left out of the squad in Chelsea’s 3-0 win over Leicester City and after the match Conte insisted Costa wasn’t playing due to a back injury. 

Now I’m sure the £30 million a year offer was tempting but it is very unprofessional of Costa to just not turn up to training. Let the agents deal with the money side and the player should keep on helping out his own side until the moment he has to sign for the new club. I can’t really see how you can justify Costa’s tantrum, the man is being paid six figures a week already. It sounds like Chelsea will try and resolve the situation next week.

On to Payet who has told his manager Slaven Billic that he doesn’t want to play for West Ham anymore. West Ham fans haven’t exactly reacted to well to this and the ‘we’ve got Payet’ chant has unsurprisingly had its words changed. Payet’s family is apparently not settled although they were fine in the summer when West Ham had qualified for Europe and he feels his ambition is not matched by the club. 

While it is true that the Hammers never signed that £30 million striker the way Payet has behaved is disgraceful. The Frenchman has a great relationship with the fans but to throw that away in order to force a move away is really just poor professionalism.  

So I think it’s pretty clear that players should never refuse to play. If you’re looking for a move fine but get on with your job and let the agents sort that out.

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